VLOG – 15.10.10
VLOG - 15.10.10

…. somewhere on the Ho Chi Minh Trail

VLOG – 27.10.10
VLOG - 27.10.10

oh muddy Sapa

VLOG – 18.10.10
VLOG - 18.10.10

Hue’s tombs and stuff, Vietnam

VLOG – 11.10.10
VLOG - 11.10.10

Riding reflections at Lak Lake, Vietnam

VLOG – 04.10.10
VLOG - 04.10.10

Ho Chi Minh City trafficking madness

VLOG – 30.9.10
VLOG - 30.9.10

getting lost in Me Sang, Cambodia – part 2

VLOG – 30.9.10
VLOG - 30.9.10

getting lost in Me Sang, Cambodia – part 1

VLOG – 27.9.10
VLOG - 27.9.10

Russian market and reflections on PP.

VLOG – 24.9.10
VLOG - 24.9.10

I’m finally on the road and if this video thing continues to work out, it will be the updates for the next X number of weeks. Here we go Cambodia.

VLOG – 12.09.10
VLOG - 12.09.10

“…the most colorful watch.”

An End To Episodes
An End To Episodes

If you have been following along, you already know about Songkran- Thai new year and the world’s largest water fight. Well, in an attempt to document one of the highlights of South East Asia, we drowned the flip. Yes, our 200$ wunderkind, the third musketeer, and team stenographer has passed on. We are looking into […]

VLOG – syphilis
VLOG - syphilis

Before Tony and I acquired work permits, Thailand required proof we didn’t have syphilis.

VLOG – Straight Razor
VLOG - Straight Razor

After shaving everyday, I was looking forward to a month of travelling/growing a grizzly-disgustingly-thick jungle-beard. A job interview changed my plans and I decided to spend $1 and avoid dulling my razor.

VLOG – 10.03.10
VLOG - 10.03.10
VLOG – 16.01.10
VLOG - 16.01.10

It turned out to be a brown huntsman spider. (heteropoda jugulans – Hetero – different poda – all pairs of legs are different lengths) Brown huntsman spiders need more water than other species of spiders and are often encountered in bathroom, sheds, and garages. To conserve energy brown huntsman spiders do most of their hunting at night; using […]

VLOG – 17.01.10
VLOG - 17.01.10

They find football in Bangkok

VLOG – 31.12.09

On their New Year’s break Cengiz and Tony traveled to Koh Tao. After spending eight hours kayaking around the island, Cengiz and Tony are dressing themselves for the Koh Phangan Full Moon Party.

VLOG – 20.10.09
VLOG - 20.10.09

I have hours of video blog footage like this, just waiting for upload. Welcome to the lives of Riding Out The Economy.