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Travel Blog of the Week: If Lost, Return to Sender
Travel Blog of the Week: If Lost, Return to Sender

Riding Out The Economy was spent documenting the misadventures we had touring and working in South East Asia (with a bit of riding motorbikes) and couldn’t help but share one of our new favorite bloggers as he goes about doing just that. Enter Morgan of If Lost, Return to Sender. His blog reminds us a […]

Rio Dulce: A Lost Travelers Paradise?
Rio Dulce: A Lost Travelers Paradise?

After spending the night in Semuc Champey we decided to hit the road to Tikal. Little did we know we would get lost in the back country of Guatemala. After finding our way with the help of friendly locals and potential hitchhikers we realized Rio Dulce was a better option for the day From Lanquin, […]

Nature’s Playground: Semuc Champey
Nature's Playground: Semuc Champey

Our first planned stop in Guatemala was Semuc Champey, a series of pools on the Cahabon river. The draw was its beauty. More than its aesthetic appeal, what made Semuc one of our favorite parts of the trip was playing in the water. Law and Chelsea particularly enjoyed sitting on the falls and swimming around […]

ROTE’s Hit or Skip: Middle East
ROTE’s Hit or Skip: Middle East

As you can see Tony has restarted the blog for his current travels and as I’m on the road as well in the Middle East it seems fitting that I chime in. ROTE is in my mind an adventure blog. It’s a chronicle of two jet-lagged and at times seemingly reckless guys exploring new places […]

Mother’s Love
Mother's Love

Preparing for Guatemala was a fascinating experience.  As a last minute packer it was difficult to ready my bag, clean out the apartment, and clean out the classroom in time to leave.  One constant was genuine concern from family, friends, and coworkers.  The first thing most people worried about was the destination of our trip: […]

Swingers bar? Utopia in the forest.
Swingers bar? Utopia in the forest.

After a long trek in the Guatemalan forest we found a great hostel to stay at; it was appropriately called “Utopia.” People talk about taking the road less traveled or how the journey matters more than the destination; I can tell you that after an arduous journey through the jungle the destination matters. We initially […]

The “Firsts” Start in… Pennsylvania?
The "Firsts" Start in... Pennsylvania?

On the updated “About” page, I noted that the crew that headed down to Guatemala was “ridiculously untraveled.” It has been, and will continue to be, a trip of many firsts. The first “first” of the trip for two of the most American people I know? A Big Mac. Not kidding.  Of course, they loved […]

“Wow, This Really Makes You Feel Like the Guys in Vietnam.”
"Wow, This Really Makes You Feel Like the Guys in Vietnam."

After landing in Guatemala City we picked up an SUV from Dollar Rent a Car to serve as our mode of transportation here in Guatemala. It took forever to get out of the city, but once we did we were treated with some beautiful countryside. Law Dog, who has never been out of North America, […]

“Guatemala… Are You Going on a Service Trip?”
"Guatemala... Are You Going on a Service Trip?"

Of course we aren’t going on a service trip, though it looks like every other American in Guatemala is. Even such, I like to think we are a generous bunch. That’s why when we encountered a gaggle of children selling chocolate  to earn a couple quetzales outside Semuc Chumpey, we made sure to really spread […]