“Wow, This Really Makes You Feel Like the Guys in Vietnam.”

After landing in Guatemala City we picked up an SUV from Dollar Rent a Car to serve as our mode of transportation here in Guatemala. It took forever to get out of the city, but once we did we were treated with some beautiful countryside.

Law Dog, who has never been out of North America, astutely noted that it “really makes you feel like the guys in Vietnam.”

It doesn’t. It reminds me nothing of Southeast Asia and I told him so. Obviously discussing the many similarities (almost none) between Guatemala and Vietnam became everyone’s favorite activity for the next hour or two. And, in the end, I lost.

"Tony in Vietnam, 1964" - Law Dog

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  1. Tony Z, the Elder

    If you hear anyone shout “incoming,” be sure to QSY (radio talk for change location/frequency).

    Jun 14, 2014 @ 10:18 pm