Rio Dulce: A Lost Travelers Paradise?

After spending the night in Semuc Champey we decided to hit the road to Tikal. Little did we know we would get lost in the back country of
Guatemala. After finding our way with the help of friendly locals and potential hitchhikers we realized Rio Dulce was a better option for the day

Intended Route

From Lanquin, we started for Flores – a good base of operations up north. Things did not go as planned. From the start we followed signs toward Coban to avoid roads blocked by mud slides. Soon enough we found ourselves in unfamiliar territory.

After finally coming across someone walking on the road, we stopped, pointed, and asked for directions: “Cabon?”


Our stress was lifted. The radio was turned up and we pushed on, going as fast as possible over the winding, ditch filled, muddy roads.

45 minutes later, Cabon nowhere in sight, we stopped again; this time, next to a tuk tuk driver and pointing asked, “Cabon es ayi?”

“No! Esta CaHAbon.”

The driver informed us we were hours from Cabon and minutes from reaching our accidental destination, Cahabon.

Thanks to our free map from Dollar Rent-a-Car, we saw we could continue east, to El Estor, and in the end, to Rio Dulce. Though it wasn’t Tikal, it would get us to a main highway and in striking distance. Rio Dulce was also our intended stop on the way from Tikal to Antigua to complete the people transfer on the 13th. So, we pressed on.

Actual Travels

After finding our way from Semuc Champey, we arrived in Rio Dulce. Here we explored the market and ate some much needed fried chicken before figuring out which hostel we may stay at.

The Market

Shigella Looking Me in the Eye



















Coach found “Backpackers” through one of his many google searches on the country. We enjoyed food and drinks throughout the night while sitting along side the water. I couldn’t help but thinking, “could this be any better?”

Turns out the trip only becomes more enjoyable as the days move on.

Sunrise on the Rio Dulce

– Nate

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  1. Tony Z, the Elder

    Another fishy question: what’s the fish on the dish? The name of the beer?

    Jun 20, 2014 @ 6:52 pm

  2. Fabiana

    Sounds like a lot of fun!

    Mar 05, 2015 @ 1:18 am